Fire Department Companies

Company 1: 12-5-1, 12-6-1, Rescue Trailer

Company 2: 12-8-1, 12-3-1

Company 3: 12-2-1, 12-2-2, 12-2-3, 12-4-1



Ladder 12-5-1



The Ladder Truck is Carmel Fire Department's newest piece of apparatus. Acquired in January, 2016, 12-5-1 is responsible for search and resuce and access to high roofs.


Rescue 12-6-1


12-6-1 is responsible for assisting 12-5-1 with rescue and entry, and also carries the "Jaws of Life", air bags (to lift vehicles, fallen debris, etc...) and water rescue equipment.


Fire Police



Responsible for maintaining road closures and diverting traffic around emergency scenes.


Engine 12-2-1

Primary engine- Responsible for extinguishing all structural fires. Additionally, 12-2-1 handles all gas leaks and alarm emergencies.


Engine 12-2-2

Secondary engine- Responsible for motor vehicle accidents, hazardous materials and vehicle fires. 12-2-2 also carries the "Jaws of Life."

Engine 12-2-3

Third engine- Responsible for water supply and drafting (pulling water from a lake or pond.)


Tanker 12-4-1

The role of the tanker is to transport water to areas without fire hydrants.



Responsible for fighting brush fires and transports the "Gator" to emergencies on Carmel's bike paths. Furthermore, 12-3-1 also acts as a secondary Fire Police vehicle when needed.


Gator 12-8-2

The Gator's responsibility includes accessing brush fires in wooded areas and access to emergencies on Carmel's bike paths and medical emergencies in wooded areas.


Rescue Trailer with 12 Marine 1

The trailer brings the boat and motor, and additional water rescue equipment to water rescues. Additionally, the trailer carries other rescue equipment.